World of Tanks Expansion - American (M3 Lee) - European Languages - Ita
  • World of Tanks Expansion - American (M3 Lee) - European Languages - Ita

World of Tanks Expansion - American (M3 Lee) - European Languages - Ita

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World of Tanks Expansion - American (M3 Lee) - European Languages - Ita 

Français, Deutsch, ltaliano, Polskim, Español.The M3 Lee was a medium tank, used by both the U.S. and British forces (where it had the designation M3 Grant) and saw use in the battles of North Africa. It was quite unique in that it mounted a 75mm gun in the hull and a smaller 37mm gun in a small top turret above the superstructure.The M3 Lee Expansion Pack gives players a tank with a very similar stat line to its successor, the M4A1 Sherman. It features with a good mix of Mobility, Initiative and Survivability, whilst the fixed main gun and lower Initiative results in a lower point cost making it a good choice for gamers on a budget.The M3 Lee has quite a reputation amongst players of the online game. The fixed gun means that it plays more like a tank destroyer rather than a medium tank, whilst it’s large size and extra turret makes it difficult to hide. In the miniatures game players can treat the M3 Lee like an assault gun trying to hang back and get shots in where possible. Alternatively, players can choose to add the 37mm Gun M5/M6 which allows them to engage targets to the flank and rearm allowing the tank to mix it up a bit more. Of course, this gun isn’t as powerful hull mounted 75 mm Gun M3 so even with this module added it is still better to keep enemies in front of the tank.Inside the M3 Lee Expansion Pack you will find a highly detailed, assembled, painted plastic M3 Lee miniature and tank card. Your tank can be further personalised to match your requirements using the five crew, module and upgrade cards included.We will take a more in-depth look at everything included in this expansion and how you can get the most out of the tank and the included cards in a future preview.The M3 Lee is a unique Tank Destroyer in that it mounts a powerful gun in the hull, along with a second gun in a small turret.Contains a 1:100 scale pre-painted Tank, 5 Crew, Module, and Upgrade Cards, and an Online Bonus Code.

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