World of Tanks Expansion - British (Cromwell) - European Languages) - Ita
  • World of Tanks Expansion - British (Cromwell) - European Languages) - Ita

World of Tanks Expansion - British (Cromwell) - European Languages) - Ita

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World of Tanks Expansion - British (Cromwell) - European Languages) - Ita

Français, Deutsch, ltaliano, Polskim, Español.The Cromwell tank was one of a series of cruiser tanks fielded by the British in World War II. The concept of cruiser tanks was that they would combine speed with numbers, allowing the to swarm the enemy and overwhelm them. First deployed during the invasion of Normandy it found a natural home in the reconnaissance regiments where its excellent speed and low profile made it difficult to hit.The Cromwell Expansion Pack includes the same great model from the Starter Set but has a new range of cards that you can use to equip and personalize your tank on the battlefield. Straight out of the pack, the Cromwell as excellent Mobility and the best base Initiative of any tank currently in the game.Like the T-34 this combination of stats tends to make the Cromwell somewhat of an apex predator, able to hunt down other tanks with ease. Of course being awesome comes at a price, or in World of Tanks: Miniatures Game terms, a high Cost. This means you may not be able to afford many additional cards to equip your tank unless you plan ahead.If you do want to enhance the natural stats of the tank there are some great options in the pack, including Vertical Stabilizer which helps to make the tank more accurate when moving slowly, that will work well to enhance this already formidable tank.Inside the Cromwell Expansion Pack you will find a highly detailed, assembled, painted plastic Cromwell miniature and tank card. Your tank can be further personalised to match your requirements using the five crew, module and upgrade cards included.

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